Catherine Blauvelt
Here High Note, High Note
Praise for Catherine Blauvelt
“Full of vatic intrigue and exuberance, Catherine Blauvelt’s poems demonstrate again and again how lexical intoxication can lead to clarity and wisdom.”
—Dean Young
“Blauvelt makes it all possible.”
—Cole Swensen
“A high-wire linguistic balancing act [that] revels in as-yet-unexplored possibilities of language… An entirely singular voice. . . . I, for one, will be following Blauvelt again and again into the kaleidoscopic delights and depths of her poetry.”
—Dora Malech
“A record of forms of thinking, feeling and hearing which are new to the universe. These poems are brilliant, fast, committed and strange objects which channel an almost unbearable sympathy for almost everything.”
—Caleb Klaces
The Portable Man by Armando Jaramillo Garcia
Armando Jaramillo Garcia
The Portable Man
Praise for Armando Jaramillo Garcia
“[A] much-anticipated debut… this is a stunning and distinctive collection that pushes back against—and thrives under—the threat of homogeneity and oppression.”
—Timothy Donnelly
“The Portable Man is a pool of life-substance.”
—Eric Amling
“The Portable Man moves with a kind of forensic exposure of the inner-makings of the world. Guided by a restlessness that projects the possibility of cosmic intervention, these individual poems collide to create something grander, akin to a weather system.”
—Paige Taggart
Chris Hosea
Double Zero
Double Zero is the second collection of poems from Chris Hosea, whose first book, Put Your Hands In, was selected by John Ashbery as the winner of the Walt Whitman Award from the Academy of American Poets. Drawing on popular song, contemporary multimedia art, and the poet’s personal experience, Double Zero presents tuneful, densely meaningful lyrics. Like collaged sheet music, these poems offer a wealth of opportunities for creative interpretation and performance.
Praise for Chris Hosea
“[Hosea] somehow subsumes derision and erotic energy and comes out on top.”
—John Ashbery
“An inventive approach to language that is as relentlessly provocative as it is approachable.”
—Publishers Weekly